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The The Angels of Hope Cancer Information Resource Foundation (the Foundation) web site is provided in the public interest to communicate information about the Foundation and information pertaining to potential clinical trials, cancer treatment centers, nutrition and outreach activities, and to facilitate communication with and among its members. This web site is not intended in any way to serve as a source of cancer treatment or medical advice to individual patients or their families. For such advice, visitors to the web site should contact their personal physicians or health care professionals. 

The web site also contains links to other related web sites that may be of interest to its viewers. The Foundation does not endorse any linked sites and disclaims any representation or warranty concerning the accuracy or completeness of information that may be found in these related links. All of the information provided in and through this web site is intended solely for general information. The Angels of Hope Cancer Information Resource strongly encourages patients and their families to consult with qualified medical professionals for advice related to diagnosis, treatment or care in individual cases.

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