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A Story of Hope
The Hope of Our Tomorrow's
...To David with Love

Our today's are filled with the hope of our tomorrow's.
Expectations of fulfillment, dreams of better times
Longings of the soul, desires of the mind.

Without hope, we are empty, bereaved of the will to survive.
When stripped of hope, man withers and dies.
A doctor came and snatched it away
"No hope" he said that cold, bleak day.

Our heads hung low, we believed the worst
What had we done to be so cursed?
We clung close and tight
Not sure how to handle our plight.

Then from above, came an angel so pure
To show us the way and strength to endure.
Hope was restored, faith grew strong, and we were shown a new path to take
The boys were still here, and we must make it for their sake.

The fight was hard, the battle real tough
But our hope remained strong - even when it became rough
With courage and valor he fought every step of the way
"Too much to live for," he would always say.

We believed in tomorrow, just as each day rose with the sun.
He never gave up, he never gave in
Right up until the last, hope reigned in his heart for the battle to win.

Today we should savor and tomorrow we must all seek
For life is a fragile thread so easy to succumb.
But David and I together still stand, our love even stronger
With our hearts entwined, we look to the hope of our tomorrow's still yet to come.

In Loving Memory of
T. David Turnbull
1942 - 2002
The Hope of Our Tomorrow's

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