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A Story of Hope
Victims All

The war against this dreaded disease is not fought alone
When cancer strikes, it touches all who love and care
Sleepless nights, turmoil of the mind, fear of the unknown
Envelop the lives of family all wondering why life is so unfair.

After shock and questions asked, nerves frayed and emotions high
The quest to find a treatment new to beat the disease follows
Expectation and hope renewed at the beginning lie
But as time goes on and side-effects take hold, life again becomes so hollow.

Moods change so quickly now - one moment hopeful and bright
The next moment temper rages and the mood turns to bleak and dark.
Children do not always understand the fear that is deep and out of sight
All they see before them now is a father cold and stark.

Easily fatigued, no strength to come to every meet
Weakened by the drug so strong
Quality of life diminished in order for the enemy to beat
Wondering all the while if something else is going wrong.

"Is it worth it?" he sometimes asks when it becomes too much to bear.
You reassure, you hold him close, comfort you give, stalwart you are
'Think of the alternative" you respond, Don't' give up, don't you dare."
Too much to live for -- you have your boys -- we have all come too far."

Exhausted from the emotional drain, trying to remain cheery all the while
You soldier on with renewed strength each day, responsible now for just so much
On your shoulders it now all rests as more and more on you does pile
You cannot weaken, you cannot fail, you are depended on and needed too much

The victims of this war are many - injured from the battle fought
Wounds so deep and long to heal, smitten down by the blow
Their lives now changed, never again to be the same, for ever wrought
That fateful day by the malevolent and unseen foe.

Victims All

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