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A Story of Hope
Drugs and You
Be On your Guard

Not only did cancer come to prey
But diabetes did ensue
Glucose rose, but diet kept the insulin at bay
Until the chemo drug its mischief did brew.

A new specialist to help us control the diabetes too,
No choice now but insulin to take
To stay on the trial, with choices few
There could be no other decision to make.

Then an infection did take hold
An antibiotic was prescribed by the doctor new
The rash grew worse and hives appeared tenfold
Were the side effects of the chemo drug holding true?
Worse and worse they became, unbearable in fact.
Misery and depression set right in
Maybe this chemo drug was not on the right tract
If such a reaction it did cause, we could not win.

Then quite by accident I did hear one day
Another drug quite like the antibiotic he was taking
Could react with rash and hives they did say.
Was this more side effects in the making?

I quickly went to find all the information I could
And there in black and white it did quite clearly state
That rash and hives were symptoms that were not good
As well as affecting glucose levels to an unacceptable rate.

Do not blindly be led, do not always trust
When drug unknown you are told to take
Ask questions, seek the facts, this is a must
Because doctors too can make a serious mistake.

It is your life, it is in your hands
Treat it with respect and care
For others it can get lost in the sand
Of too many patients for whom they care.

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