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A Story of Hope
Food, Healthy Food
Wheat Grass, Soy, and Exercise Too

The doctors said "there is nothing we can do".
But we could not sit still and do nothing in lieu
Knowing all the while that a tumor lie deep within
Growing and enveloping all around
If no medical treatment could be found.

What was in our power, what is it we could do?
We studied hard, we tried to learn, but the alternatives were few.
Exercise was an obvious way to start
To keep the body supple and strong
Oxygen flowing, muscles toned, this could not be wrong.

With Fred, David would walk each day, three miles around the park
This was serious business now, not a lark.
He had walked for many years before
But now he walked to save his life,
To help heal the body and ease the strife.
Exercise alone was not enough, nutrition too would play a part.
Friends came with stories real, straight from the heart.
For they too had been through this -- father, mother, sister, brother.
Many things they all had tried, but wheat grass they all said
Had helped to heal the disease inside and so we were thus led.

Wheat grass every morning I now juice
The taste is awful but with each drink we hope it cuts the cancer loose.
Soy milk, shitake mushrooms, and mung sprouts have been added to the list
No sugar, no alcohol, dairy, nor fat
But flax seed, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables replace all that.

The pounds have come off, cholesterol lowered, triglycerides normal now.
A life-style changed, hard at first, not knowing what to allow.
But it was worth it in the end for much healthier was he
And when a clinical trial was found, offering a possible cure,
Had we not our diet altered, no trial there would have been, this is for sure.

Nutrition and exercise play such an important part
In helping combat disease, and keeping healthy body, mind and heart.
Interesting dishes, new ways to cook, there is just so much to learn.
So, when you think all is lost and there is nothing that can be done
You can take matters in your own hands , don't just turn away and run.

Food, Healthy Food

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