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A Story of Hope
In Search of Tomorrow

With faith and hope renewed, defeat we would not entertain
The journey would be arduous, the path steep and long
But together we resolved to find a way to fight this deadly foe
The will to live and see tomorrow, this could not be wrong.

Dr. Carr had no faith, this was clear to see
So our quest begun to find a doctor new elsewhere.
Someone, who like us would believe a cure could be found
And fight beside us all the way, for fight it we would dare.

Such a person we did find, Lauer was his name.
For many years he had battled hard for patients in his care
He would not give up, he would not give in for he knew
That just around the corner, the cure was right there.

To the Internet he guided us for clinical trials to find
Phase I , Phase II, this trial or that - a jungle out there.
We learned each day more and more
Knowing all the while there was no time to spare.

To Boston we went, Dr George to see-
Angiogenesis was his path to find a cure;
Approvals to be given, a start date unknown,
The risks were great but hope was the lure.

"Maybe April or May your name will come up,
The trial is due to start in a week or two".
Home we returned and patiently waited for the news
All the while our hopes and expectations grew.

The days went by and the call did come.
"The data has accrued, the results came fast.
They are not promising", he sadly said,
"The trial does not look as if it will last".

Despondent and down, we would not give up.
More trials to seek, more information to find-
As each day passed, our knowledge increased
It was all like a maze through which to wind.
Questions asked, intelligence obtained, EGF came in view
Hormone inhibition was the way to stop the cells from growing
Who made the drugs, what were the protocols, where were the trials?
We could not proceed further without knowing.

CTRC in San Antonio came to light -
Trials for EGFR and others too were running
Data flowing, results were good, excitement swelled
Appointment made, we were going.

We journeyed there in early June
To see the man in whose hands
Both David and his cohorts new
Came for hope from many lands.

We sat and waited, an hour or maybe two,
Then ushered into the room so small
We patiently waited yet again
Surrounded by the closing wall.

Dr. de Bono entered there, apologizing all the while.
An accent I did detect first off
"You are not from here", I said with a smile
No, I'm from Scotland", he did reply

"What a coincidence", David said
"From Aberdeen I did come many years ago.
But now Atlanta is my home
I promise you, it really does on you grow!"

Pleasantries handled, moving on, de Bono to the point did come.
Credentials reviewed, motives given, a brilliant doctor before us sat.
He made it clear from the start, his mission was to cancer cure
The goal was close, the answer near, he was sure of that.

He told us of the trials that amounted to many
A confluence of numbers did abound like a mathematical equation
OSI-774 - CCI 779 - CI-1033
Terms and phrases unfamiliar spotted the occasion.

Which one for us - which one is right?
Questions answered led to more
How do you know when faced with such
Which is the right weapon to fight the war?

To home we did return once more - still unsure which path to take
Toxic side effects, no guarantees
No-one would tell us which to choose
The decision must be ours they said, despite our pleas.

Some time did pass, the wait seemed long
Questions raised and answers given
Then the news came one day
Tumor was growing and thus we were driven

To de Bono we quickly called with the news so glum
"A new trial is starting, one place is left," he quickly said
"Sacrifices will have to be made if David can come.
I must warn you it is not an easy path to tread."
To participate, three months in San Antonio without a break
Pharmacokinetics to be measured-blood taken every day
The program onerous, the outcome unknown, but progress we hope to make
For it is the only hope right now for the tumor to fray.

No choice we had in the decision to be made
Without something to be done
The cancer on its path so cruel
Would consume the body all and in its quest will have won.

Alone and reticent David set out on his journey long
To San Antonio he drove that night
With hope in his heart and fear on his mind
Prepared to give all to fight the good fight.

Settling in his small room at the Staybridge Suites,
He unpacked his things and looked around -
This would be his home for the next several weeks,
The room quite drab and devoid of any familiar sound.

The die was cast, there was no going back.
One chance you get at such a trial,
To turn it down would be madness now.
He must stay the course and fight with guile.

In Search of Tomorrow

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