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A Story of Hope
Never Give Up

If there is a lesson to be learned from all that we have gone through
The one that stands above the rest and is very plain to see
Is to never part with hope, never accept defeat like so many do
But stand tall and strong and bounce right back to find another way.

First it was the doctors that said there was nothing to be done
But we refused to listen and stood our ground with grit
Spoke to others, explored the Internet, new drugs and trials to be found
Hope now offered with innovative treatments our lives are now lit.

Then with property to sell and developers their games to play
Delaying tactics they did employ, monies not in hand
Flipping was their motive, profit to be made
But in the end I saw it through, never to be dissuade.

Programmers came and went, promises made by all
To work with us and be a part of a business future new
But when troubles hit us hard, loyalty did fall
And each one disappeared totally from view.

Deterred not in the least, we got back up once more
To find a partner new who with integrity and talent broad
Would join with us to create and build software to eliminate the chore
Of handling all the tedious tasks which recruiters could not afford.

And now the greatest venture of them all
A challenge of love has come to me
And without hesitation I answered the call
To create a way to help others and respond to their plea
The Angels of Hope will soon a reality be.

Like that great man in history, Sir Winston Churchill was his name,
We never gave up, we never gave in when troubles down upon us came.
We fought the fight, we fought it well - we stayed the course until the end
We came right back and are ready now for our tale to tell
For we think we have much to give and a heartening message to send.

Never Give Up

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