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A Story of Hope
The Storm
The Turbulent Void

The diagnosis was made, the prognosis given.
Words flowed hollow, cold and chilling.
"Inoperable. There is no cure. I'm never wrong. I'm always right
Others before you I have told. They would not believe me, they too were not willing".

"I have done all I can for you-a referral I have made
Dr Carr is his name-in him I have much confidence.
Oncology is his specialty and if anyone can help you now
He is the one whom I believe will show good sense.

As we left Malizia's office, heavy hearted and downcast
Recovering from the shock that had hit us so hard,
Were the questions that now came and needed to be asked
How could he have missed it? Why had he not seen? How could he so easily discard?

The appointment with Carr we kept, the very next day.
Confused and scared, we entered the unknown.
His office was cold, a foreign odor purveyed
It was quiet and subdued - we felt so alone.

The doctor came on in, niceties said…
Nothing new to impart, no cure nor hope could he offer.
More tests to have, a biopsy to be done
Was all that he could proffer.

The biopsy complete, the results made clear
This was not lung as was first disclosed
The tumor was large, the tumor had spread
For 11 long years the cell had reposed

A nephrectomy had been performed the first time around
The news had been good, the news had been bright
For excellent margins the surgeon had found
And we were told he had removed all the cancer that night.

However, it now had been revealed that a cell had remained
And slowly, but slowly it had started sowing.
Lung cancer was not the culprit here, it had feigned
But renal for many years had been growing.

"There is little I can do," Carr said.
"Interferon and Interleukin II are approved
Or stem cell transplant may be tried
But nothing has been proved".

"Toxic drugs and treatments are these.
Interferon and Interleukin will make you sick,
For stem cell, a match you must find
Accept it now, cancer is not so easy to lick."

"There must be something new," we begged
"We hear of advances made everyday.
It cannot happen, it won't be so,
We will not let it end this way."

Encouragement nor guidance were we given
Lost and alone, as if stranded on a barren land
Which way to turn? Where should we go?
This is not the life we had planned.

Propelled into a void of hopeless turmoil
It seemed that our world was crumbling all around.
No treatment, no cure there seemed to be
Despair and anguish , their prey had found.
The turbulent storm had found its mark
Whisking us up in its eye
Confused and disoriented we spun around
Told by all that David was about to die.

The Storm

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