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A Story of Hope
An Angel Came

The day was bleak, the wind blew hard, that cold December morning.
In nervous silence we drove to the hospital far
Still stunned by the news we had recently been given.
Our hearts were heavy, our fears were real
The biopsy already a foregone conclusion.
To confirm diagnosis and identify cells was the purpose of the test.

David was pale, he labored under the weight of the burden.
Always in charge, always in control - this had changed in one blink of an eye.
Helpless right now, hope stripped from his hand
He aimlessly wandered like a child in a dream
But this was no dream, a nightmare of sorts, waiting for the fall.

The nurses they came, preparations were made - we waited for the time.
My emotions were strained, the tears welled up, my heart was breaking.
I had to get up and leave right then, lest he saw the deep sadness in my eyes.
"I need to get some coffee," I weakly said and quickly left.
The tears came faster now, I could no longer control the grief that I felt.

I entered the nurse's station, that coffee to get
Suddenly a cold chill ran through me from my head to my toe.
Standing right there, as if waiting for me, was a young nurse all alone
Her eyes were so green, their hue so deep - translucent pools that went on into eternity.
The words, like bells rung from above, "What's wrong? I'm here for you," she softly said.

My story spilled out - details too - I could not see an end, I could not see a glow.
Quietly she said, "Your doctor is not a man of God, of this I know."
I quickly protested. "He is a Catholic" I responded.
Again she said, quite firmly now, "He is not a man of God."
"Keep heart", she said, "your faith will win.
I know all. I'm here to watch over David this day."

She took my hands, she prayed with me.
The words were simple but such meaning they did convey.
The energy that passed gave me strength
And it was then that I knew that we would find a way.
To beat the odds and fight back hard --
The war would be long, the battle brutal, but we could win.

As she went to leave, words of parting we did say
I told her of my father, a Hindu man was he, but in God he did believe
And then she turned and with such force declared "My Father is God."
And with these words there left no doubt, an angel had to us come
To watch over and give us hope that our tomorrows a reality would be.

An Angel Came

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