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A Story of Hope
The Silent Terrorist

The impact struck with a piercing and devastating blow.
The pain sharp and intense as they reeled from the explosion of words
A force so strong that it took the very breath from them
The pain quickly turned to numbness and hopeless fear.

'It is a mass - it has metastasized - there is no cure"
The words came hard and fast, without compassion, without hope.
Dreams of tomorrows shattered now -
The world seemed to crash down around them both

"Six months maybe - letters write - graduation and wedding both.
Your boys would want to know you cared before you said goodbye.
I can do nothing more. I did all I could".
In other words, "go home and wait to die".

They left in shock, hand in hand.
Together they had forged a life so dear
Years in the making to arrive here.
Two boys they loved, still much to do.

Helpless they felt - how would they cope
What would they say to all who would ask
Such news as this is difficult to impart
And what would they tell their boys, how would they start?

Shattered but strong, they chose to fight
Too much to live for - this he knew
His boys were his pride and tomorrow was theirs
He intended to stay and in that to share.

Doctors new they sought - clinical trials to find
Nutritional changes to make - exercise to take
Angels showed the way - faith keeps them steady
The battle is hard, the fight is long
But tomorrow is here and not yet gone.

The Silent Terrorist

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